Magical Tour of Dance
Live Show Experience

An unforgettable evening with
The Most Powerful Djinn in the Universe

Introducing Zhor

“The most powerful Djinn in the Universe,” and your host for this exciting evening of dance, illusions, magic, comedy, and performance.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly, extraordinarily fun, and inspirational experience, then look no further than Zhor’s Magical Tour of Dance, an unforgettable evening with the oldest Djinn in the cosmos granting wishes and taking guests on a magical journey through time.

Zhor brings to the stage a mystical, theatrical dance experience, with dynamic costumes, illusions, music, comedy, and energy – all in the intimate setting of the Guilfoil Dance Arts Center in St Petersburg, Florida

Welcome to “Zhor’s Magical Tour of Dance Experience!” Join the oldest Djinn in the universe as he takes you on a mesmerizing journey through the enchanting world of dance.

Zhor: The Oldest Djinn:  Greetings, earthlings! I am Zhor, the oldest and grooviest Djinn in the universe. Together, we will explore the magical realms of rhythm and movement. Embrace the music, let your spirit dance, and let the journey begin!

Temple Statue Deity Dance:  Journey to a forgotten land where ancient statues stand as silent guardians. Watch as I awaken these stone figures with a wave of my hand. Let the dance of the ancients begin, and be moved by the magic of the past.

Dance Through Ancient Egypt:  Explore the magnificence of ancient Egypt as you traverse the golden sands, pass by the majestic pyramids, and immerse yourself in a culture steeped in history. Dance beneath the watchful eye of the Sphinx, embracing the beat of ancient drums. Embark on a voyage to the realm of the Gods and encounter “Anubis.”

The Fairy’s Enchanted Dance:  From the whispers of the enchanted forest, a fairy emerges. Her dance is mesmerizing and graceful. Learn from her movements and let her guide you in weaving a magical dance.

The Dance of Swords: The dance of swords is a blend of skill, honor, and tradition. Each movement tells a story of precision and fluidity. This dance is a tribute to the artistry and dedication of generations past.

The Siren’s Enchanting Melody:  Close your eyes and listen to the Siren’s song. This otherworldly melody represents a divine light, guiding our way forward. Embrace the beauty and happiness it brings to your spirit.

The Traditional Dances from Ancient Cultures:  The ancient art of dance, a cherished treasure across civilizations for eons, weaves tales of mystique and grace. Among these, the dances born in Egypt, hailing from Thebes, enchant global spectators, safeguarding the profound legacy of Egypt’s cultural tapestry.

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