About the Guilfoil Dance Arts Center

Our Philosophy

“The artistry, technique, and experience of the past combined with a disciplined study and performance of the present gives way to the artist of the future”

Andrew Guilfoil

Ballet Master, Choreographer and Performance Artist

Andrew Guilfoil is a ballet master, dancer, choreographer, and professional performance artist. He earned numerous dance scholarships and studied ballet under Alexander Bennet of the Royal Ballet of London.

Andrew became a principal dancer for the Scottish American Ballet and has taught dance and movement for the past 30 years.

He is also a talented choreographer and production director, having set many renowned ballets and staging his own original works.

He is the Founder and Co-Owner of the Guilfoil Dance Arts Center and performs weekly in Zhor’s Magical Tour of Dance.

Andrew’s passion for the arts has touched many, particularly his students who have gone on to become professional dancers.

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