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The Timeless Art of Dance: A Journey Through History with Zhor, the eldest Djinn

Zhor, the oldest in the cosmos, has traveled through time and history itself, dancing through the ages and serving as the purest light in ancient civilizations.

Dance has always been a way of expressing one’s self and celebrating life. From the Greeks and Egyptians to the present day, it has brought people together and transcended cultures.

Whether through traditional folk dances, ballet, or belly dance, it is a form of art that knows no boundaries and has the power to create pure joy.

So, let us continue to dance through the ages, keeping the purest light buring bright.

Carol Mitchell

“The Voice of a “Siren

Close your eyes, open your hearts, and listen to the whispers of the unseen. Can you sense it? The enchanting song of a Siren, a tune weaving into the cosmic harmony. More than just music, it represents a divine light, guiding our way forward. Embrace this otherworldly melody, allow it to influence your actions, and fill your spirit with beauty and happiness.


In the land of Zhor, an immortal statue stands proud, once revered by many as an idol of ancient times. Yes, its stony visage now yearns for a wondrous transformation, a metamorphosis of the divine to the earthly.  For centuries, the hearts of the faithful have echoed with a desire to witness the birth of a deity amidst mortals, to see the essence of the divine dance in the flesh.

Lizza Hasan

“Ah, behold the splendor of ancient Egypt! Moving through the golden sands, past the towering pyramids, and into the heart of a civilization rich in culture and history. Here, dance was not just an art, but a language, a form of expression that transcended words. Let the flow of the Nile guide your movements as we dance under the gaze of the Sphinx as  Liza performs the beautifully cultural dances of Egypt.


Gypsies are knowfor their rich cultural heritage, vibrant traditions, and nomadic lifestyle. They have a deep connection to music, dance, and storytelling, which are integral parts of their community life. Their colorful clothing, often adorned with intricate patterns and jewelry, reflects their love for beauty and self-expression.  With their enduring spirit and resilience, Gypsies remind us of the importance of freedom, adaptability, and the joy of living life with passion and creativity.

Meet Our Visiting Guest Artist






Johanna Zenobia 


Our esteemed guest and performer shall grace Zhor’s Enchanted Dance Tour, guiding us with wonder and enchantment, weaving tales of inspiration within the mystical tapestry of dance. 


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